Prehistory – A time before tools. Actions and Objects: Trauma Portraits

Scene: Frozen conflicts. Biological organisms grappling with the static violence of manmade structures.

Act 1: The trees are cut as their unusual growth is seen to be damaging the fences they have enveloped.

Act 2: The fences are cut and the objects emancipated as a refutation to this claim of ownership.

Act 3: The objects are cleaned, sealed and presented as totems to this grim theatre.

Beusselstraße – 50 x 53cm
Beusselstraße, Detail
Volkspark – 122 x 21cm
Volkspark, Detail
Ostbahnhof – 104 x 40cm
Ostbahnhof, Detail

Prehistory – A time before tools. Actions and Objects: Scattered

In 2002, a friend, Astrid Lorange, said to me over a drink that it would be curious to have a deck of playing cards assembled from ones found on the street. The following day I found one and began collecting. I picked up the final card in April 2018. Now that it is complete I’ll give the deck to Astrid.

Full Deck – Assembled between 2002 and 2018
King; Kings Cross, Sydney - January, 2003
DDR; Friedrichshain, Berlin - May 2017
Sparkasse; Neukölln, Berlin - April 2014
Straya; Sydney, Kings Cross - May 2004
The Block; Redfern, Sydney - October 2007

The Grendel Green Institute

A digital work of fiction, the Grendel Green Institute is a rehabilitation centre for artists adversely affected by their time spent working in the creative industries. The Institute views art-making as a self-destructive behaviour, a physical manifestation of an underlying trauma or imbalance.

The project presents the faithlessness of artmaking, positing an oppositional ideology to prevailing notions of positivity and persistence.

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Ferrofluid: Art of Magnetism – Natural History Museum, Vienna

Collaboration with Bogomir Doringer. An interdisciplinary intervention at the Natural History Museum, Vienna (14th of April, 2018 – 1st of July, 2018).


Presentation at NHM
Labyrinth Formation I – 10 x 1.5cm
Labyrinth Formation I – Detail
Ornament Pour

Ferrofluid – Berlin

Continuation of research initiated in Vienna.



FL.LL.04. Macro.01
FL.MG.08. Macro.02
FL.MG.08. Macro.03
FL.MG.08. Macro.04

7 Futile Labours of a Remorseful Man: Concept Tableaux

Proposal for a first-person ‘choose your own adversity’ game.

Each player assumes as their avatar Ragnar; Master of Crisis, Recipient of Fate. Ragnar, returning home from the brutal violence he faced in the trenches of the culture wars, is seeking penitents for his sins. Help Ragnar repent and explore your own complicity by making him perform tasks of purposeless labour. His only value is in his commitment to sacrifice.

Panopticon: Concept Tableaux

Panopticon is a proposal for a mechanised assemblage inspired by theatre sets of the 18th century. Images of coral cut from magazines will be attached to electric conveyor belts. These belts will move inwards giving the viewer the impression that they are being drawn into this environment.

A sketch of the model is presented here in the hope that it could lead to a commission or collaboration.

The basic form of this model will be an octagon shaped funnel that expands towards the viewing end. This funnel will be made up of eight electronic conveyor belts.
Images of coral will be attached to the belts. The conveyors will move outwards at a slow pace. The intention being that the viewer feels as though they are being drawn into this environment.
Mock-up; showing the images that will be used in the final assemblage and the resulting scene from a frontal viewpoint.
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